photograph © copyright 2017 Sadia Sadia
Stephen W Tayler

Stephen trained as a classical musician at London’s Royal College of Music before moving into the world of professional audio.

He is a mixer, producer, composer, sound designer and audio engineer with hundreds of albums to his credit, including work with artists such as Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Bob Geldof, Peter Gabriel, Suzanne Vega, Rush, Les Negresses Vertes, Duncan Sheik, Underworld, and Eric Serra.

Since 2009, Stephen has worked with Kate Bush on ’Director's Cut’, ’50 Words for Snow’, and the ‘Before The Dawn’ live shows. Most recently he mixed the live album of ‘Before the Dawn’ with Kate.

Alongside his music production work, in 2015 Stephen released his first album of original compositions, 'Ostinato'.

He continues to collaborate with artists across a multiplicity of genres, including mixed media installations and film.